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Sometimes you just gotta shift gears

Sometimes you just gotta shift gears when selling your home

Sometimes you just gotta shift gears.

So how do you get your gears to mesh well in a forward motion when there are a lot of moving parts? In Real Estate, we deal with a lot of moving parts and getting all the gears to mesh well can sometimes be a challenge. Oh, who doesn't like a challenge?!

What are the gears of a Real Estate transaction? Take a look at the homeowner who is selling a home. As a Coral Springs Realtor here in South Florida, I represent a lot of Sellers and getting the gears in working order begin at our first meeting.

The Seller performs a very important obvious function, as the first gear of any home sale and the pricing of their home along with getting their home ready to sell starts the forward motion toward a successful home closing. As the Realtor for the Seller, I perform a critical function, as the gear that can keep all the gears moving forward while trying to minimize and anticipate any potential problems that may come up. Unfortunately, problems can come up in a Real Estate transaction and I must be proactive while keeping everybody informed.

The Buyer is the next major gear to get involved, as without a Buyer we can't have a satisfied Seller. Here is where the Buyer's Realtor plays an important function also, as another needed gear.

In comes the Inspector, we'll call him/her The Inspector Gear. We all know how inspections can really throw a monkey wrench into the forward motion of a home sale. Inspections will reveal the typical inspection revelation and sometimes reveal much greater issues than initially visibly known and how all the gears respond affect whether or not there will be a home sale. At first, a Buyer may want all the issues repaired and the Seller may not want to repair anything and we know this will bring everything to a screeching halt unless we shift gears and try to come to a happy medium with the Seller and Buyer. Again, this will be important that I, as the Seller's Realtor work together with the Buyer's Realtor to make sure it all clicks together to move forward.

So we made it through the inspections with some shifting and on to the Appraisal, the next important gear. Depending upon your market, the Appraisal can wreck havoc too yet, in a current market that is trending upward in prices, this gear might start to perform a little better for us - oh, thank goodness a well moving Appraisal gear. If the Appraisal does work well, we all know how a low Appraisal can stop a home sale in its tracks if the other gears aren't willing to shift gears.

The Lender for the Buyer, as an integral gear, now sees how all the gears have been connecting and get the Buyer ready to purchase the Sellers home. They are the moving gear that must be in sync to provide a loan commitment for the Buyer. A loan commitment brings us to closing.

Since the Seller and the Buyer came together with a purchase contract, the Title Company and/or Attorneys have been diligently working in the background to get the Title of the property to transfer to it's new owner, the Buyer. The Title Company will work with all parties to bring us all to the final closing date taking care of any hiccups along the way.

You can see that there are a lot of gears that must interact for a successful closing and sometimes you going to have to shift gears to make the Real Estate transaction work out so it's beneficial for all. We've likely all experienced an unwilling gear that has made the process a bit difficult but when we're all in sync it can be a beautiful thing.

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