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Are you connecting the dots?

Are you connecting the dots?

Who doesn’t remember connect the dots? Connect the dots, also known as dot to dot or join the dots is a form of puzzle containing a sequence of numbered dots.[1] When a line is drawn connecting the dots the outline of an object is revealed.[1] I recall it, as one of my first attempts at drawing, as a youth, to reveal a picture. Oh boy, now I’m on my way, as a budding artist.  Well, unfortunately that artist in me never blossomed, as I have difficulty in drawing a stick person. However, we still try to connect the dots in our life.


Connecting the dots doesn't play favorites, as we all need to connect the dots to get to where we want to be in life, both professionally and personally. As a Real Estate Agent, here in CONNECT THE DOTS South Florida, I know what dots need to be connected to get a home sold and if I didn’t, I’d better find a new career. Yet, connecting the dots extend well beyond just our careers.


Are we connecting the dots of a healthy lifestyle for our well being? It’s pretty easy to know or at least find out, if we don’t know, what dots we need to connect for our well being. The foods we choose to eat is a dot, exercising is another, relieving stress, our faith and our social environment, all will connect to reveal the picture of well being. Of course, it’s not so simple nor black and white, as we are complicated beings and it can be easy for us to be thrown off of our paths, some more so, than others. We also have our genetic profiles that contribute to our risks of diseases and disorders that are both physical and mental, making the connection even more difficult. Yet, research has encouraging news, that lets us know, how the foods we put in our bodies, our activity levels, our faith and our social surroundings and influences, all can play huge roles in getting the dots connected when our genetic profiles are less than perfect.


How about your professional dots, are yours connected? Being able to connect professionally, we need to stay on top of our game to do extraordinarily well. Like a well oiled machine, everything runs smoothly, because we know, how to do it and when to do it. Of course, this is not to say that things will always run smoothly however, when we know the “how to’s and when to’s”, our chances for achieving success is that much greater. As a professional, your dots include standards of education & training, employing skills to complete your job and practicing certain codes of conduct being obligated both ethically and morally. It you get all of those dots connected ... well, you get the picture now.


If you’re in business, you must be aware of your social media dots. There are many social media dots that connect to reveal your marketing know how and influence and the resulting picture reveals how well you have connected your dots.  Your dots likely include: Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Slideshare, your websites/blogs and others.  Is your business thriving or suffering? Check your social media dot connections.


Have you connected all the dots? What does your picture reveal?

(1) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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